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Save Big: Repair Your Seawall... Don't Replace

Is Erosion Eating at Your Seawall?

Discover the Little-Known Solution for a Longer-Lasting Bulkhead

Now Waterfront Property Owners Can Strengthen Their Seawall in Just a Few Days

Not All Seawall Repairs Are Equal: The Little Known Strategy for Long-Lasting Defense

We keep your valuable waterfront property investment from eroding away... using a proprietary foam injection process that permanently fills voids and solidifies the soil behind the seawall... It stops soil erosion, doesn't disrupt or damage existing structures or amenities... and can save you up to 80% of the cost of installing a new seawall...

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7 Early Warning Signs of Seawall or Bulkhead Damage

  • Visible Cracks: One of the most noticeable signs of seawall or bulkhead damage is the presence of visible cracks in the structure. Small cracks may not be a cause for immediate concern, but as they grow larger, they can signify significant underlying issues.

  • Leaning or Bulging: If your seawall or bulkhead appears to be leaning or bulging, this can be a sign that the structure is failing to withstand the pressure from the water and soil it is designed to hold back.

  • Soil Erosion: Over time, the erosion of soil behind the seawall or bulkhead can lead to instability and eventual failure of the structure. If you notice areas of missing soil or sinkholes near your seawall, it's a sign of potential problems.

  • Deteriorating Tie-back Anchors: For seawalls with tie-back anchors or deadman systems, if the anchors or rods show signs of deterioration, such as rust, bending, or breakage, it's a signal that the overall structure may be at risk.

  • Rot or Insect Damage: For seawalls or bulkheads made of wood, signs of rot or insect damage can be a warning sign of its integrity. Look for areas where the wood is soft, crumbling, or has visible insect activity.

  • Undermining or Toe Erosion: When the base of the seawall (also known as the "toe") shows signs of erosion, it's a clear warning sign. This can happen when waves consistently crash into the wall, eroding the material at the base and undermining its stability.

  • Water Seepage: If water is seeping through your seawall or bulkhead, it can indicate that the structure has become porous and is no longer effectively holding back the water. Over time, this can lead to further damage and eventual failure.


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